Monday, August 13, 2012

Back from Leaky

I had such intentions of photographing Leaky Con this weekend so I could capture and convey some bit of the flavor to you, but I failed miserably, and mostly took pictures of the other writers who were there. Sorry! But directly above and below are a couple of shots from the Harry & the Potters show on Friday night. 

Do you know about "wizard rock"? It's a thing. A real thing, and vast. Vastish. How cool is that?! There are a bunch of bands with names like The Whomping Willows, Gred & Forge, and the Remus Lupins, writing and performing Harry Potter-themed songs. Incredibly fun! This was the evening entertainment. Stephanie Perkins's husband is a wizard rocker, in fact! 

Look! Stephanie Perkins! Here is the first time our red and pink hair have been photographed together, since we have not seen each other since last summer, when her hair was still blue. Soooo lovely to see Steph. If you have not yet read Anna & the French Kiss and Lola & the Boy Next Door, what are you waiting for? :-) Best smart teen romance EVER.

More hair fun! In the middle = Kate Schafer Testerman, agent to not only Steph but also Maureen Johnson.

(I always feel a little bit of matchmaking pride for my teeny-tiny part in bringing Steph and Kate together :-) Below, Maureen Johnson, in a dress made for her by a fan, with Kate sans purple hair:

Maureen, in addition to being the author of many awesome books for young adults and smart non-young adults, is the organizer of Leaky Lit, the books-and-writers portion of the convention, which if you don't know is a general Harry Potter fan convention with offshoots into other linked areas of pop culture. I have been a fan of Maureen's for some years now, but it took me until recently to read The Name of the Star, her Jack the Ripper horror, out last year, and it was fabulous! Can't wait for the sequel, out this fall.

Again, Maureen, with, in front: Robin Wasserman (l) and Megan Whalen Turner (r), amazing YA authors! I am such a huge fan of Megan's Attolia books, I was kind of geeky when I met her. Do you know them? And I am hugely excited to read Robin's latest book, The Book of Blood and Shadow, which is set in Prague. Yay!

See what I mean? Pictures of authors. What of all the interestingly clad Harry Potter fans and manically happy young people blissing out with their tribe? Believe me, they were there, though photographically unrepresented by me. Except here! Attendees at the Lit mixer. Aren't they cute? There's a Merida and an Effie Trinket, and I can't recall who the other two are, beyond being adorable.

Look, more writers!

From me, around the semi-circle clockwise: Stephanie Perkins, her awesome husband Jarrod, Maureen Johnson, unidentified (by me) top of blonde head, Dan Ehrenhaft, Robin Wasserman, temporary adopted teenage (for the weekend) of Holly Black, Megan Whalen Turner, Holly Black, Margie Stohl, Kate Schafer Testerman, Kate Welsh (MJ's awesome assistant), and John Green. In green. (Did you know that John Green always and only wears green? True story. Except not at all.)

Holly Black and Margie Stohl:

Holly Black, author of so much amazingness, I am sure I don't have to tell you what, but I will anyway: the "modern faerie tales" Tithe and others, the Spiderwick Chronicles, and most recently the totally fantastic and original Curse Workers series. Her next novel is with my editor Alvina Ling and is an awesome sounding vampire novel (Little Brown's first since the Twilight saga!) called The Coldest Girl in Cold Town. Is that a freaking great title or what? Can't. Wait. Margie Stohl is one of the two authors of the Beautiful Creatures books, also from Little Brown, and soon to be a major motion picture with a brilliant cast. Loved talking to these ladies, whom I had met before, but with far less luxury for gabbing.

Below we have Lev Grossman -- author of The Magicians, which is like a literary adult take on wizard school, a great fun read -- and John Green -- author of a number of awesome books, most recently The Fault in Our Stars (you will cry) -- trying to open prosecco without any sort of implement. It eventually worked, and prosecco was consumed by all.

So you see, what terrible reporting this is on an event. I am so sorry. I can add that the author panels had awesome topics like: writing sex scenes, how not to write a book, etc. There was one where we (except not me, I chickened out) read our terrible teenage writing. There was a formal debate on whether or not Slytherin should be disbanded, and there was a quiz show and a ball and actual quidditch matches (teams of kids walking around in their jerseys, carrying brooms, no joke), and much more. It was really fun. 

And next year it is in PORTLAND!!! So consider going. 

Over and out.



tone almhjell said...

Next year. Portland.

Connie Onnie said...

How fun! I have always wanted to go to Portland and Leaky Con.
Last night I made some a Madrigal horn headband to wear at a dress up like a literary character party. They kind of look like bee antenna but I am excited all the same!

Kate said...

I personally like all the pictures of the authors! :) :) :)

Unknown said...

I still can't believe I was there! SOOOOO much fun. I even got to tell you that we had the same shirt which only reinforced my theory that we would be great friends :)

Already making a plan for Portland next year. You should create a beginners guide to the city for us newbies!!!

Rachel said...

Hi Laini,

Not sure if you remember me, but we met when you were in Chicago (at Anderson's) promoting Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

Those Leaky Con Lit panels were amazing, and my husband (not ordinarily a fiction reader) is already making plans for next year. Leaky was a birthday gift for me, and it's a total bonus that all you writers roped him in with your awesomeness. Thank you!

Can't wait for November, too!

Elizabeth Briggs said...

I love all these photos! I hope I can go next year.

Anonymous said...

Always wanted to go to Portland!

Any news on a Daughter of Smoke and Bone movie, or is there a hold until the trilogy is complete?

Diana Peterfreund said...

Think the girl on the right in the "costumes" pic with the black wig and the gold snaking up her arm is supposed to be Isabelle Lightwood from the Mortal Instruments. She has this awesome golden whip she likes to wear as jewelry sometimes... as you do.

Stephanie said...

Diana - Hi! I'm the girl in the black wig and you are right, I was Isabelle Lightwood! I'm so excited you recognized me :)(Also, we are big fans of yours!)

Laini - It was so nice meeting you, thanks for including us on your blog!! You are wonderful. And you're on our blog too :D

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