Monday, April 9, 2012

Invocation -- Ze Frank

No preamble. Just this. You must watch it.

Are you fired up? WOW.

My favorite lines:

"Perfectionism may look good in his shiny shoes, but he’s a little bit of an a**hole, and no one invites him to their pool party."

"There’s no reason to sharpen my pencils anymore. My pencils are sharp enough."

"And god, let me enjoy this!"

That's Ze Frank, who performed a daily web show called the show with zefrank for exactly one year from 2006-07. For a while back then, Jim and I watched him obsessively. Here is a favorite episode (it's about Scrabble.) Then I don't know, I kinda forgot about him (sorry, Zefrank!) until Jim sent me this link about ten minutes ago and MUST BLOG NOW started flashing in my brain. 

So here you go. Here are the archives of the show with zefrank; he has begun a NEW show, YAY! which can be found HERE


P.S. Hope you had a lovely weekend, and a lovely Easter if you celebrate Easter. I thought I might put up some Easter pics but this is quicker and more inspiring. Now, back to writing. You guys. I wrote a BIG SCENE today, lots of words, so exciting, and I got two IDEAS that I did not have before for the climax. 


Oh, but wait. Two wonderful things discovered on Ze Frank's site. First, the Tutu Project, a beautiful, poignant fundraiser for breastcancer. Read more about it here; here's a peek, photos of/by Bob Carey. I find them very moving! 

So great!

And then this:

Hm. Cool pattern in the snow. How did that get there? 

Oh, it's really BIG. Now I'm intrigued.

Footprints? What do you mean footprints?

This guy, Simon Beck, makes these incredible artworks by walking on snow.

I've walked on snow, and it never looked like that.

I love artists. Man, the things people do.

Yay, people! More of that, less of the mean stuff, please :-)


Christine Fletcher said...

WOW. Just so *exactly* where I'm at and what I need. zefrank rules.

Jennifer Morian Frye said...

OH. Awesome. The whole post. Thank you. Wow...

Laurence King said...

I can always count on you for entertainment, Laini! Thank you for this great post. And your writing is going well... Now that makes me smile.

Kate said...

Snow art! Coolest thing ever!!! :) :) :)

bronwyn said...

"Yay people! More of that, less of the mean stuff, please." Best thing I've heard in a long long time. Imagine the world where that is everyone's mantra.

Anonymous said...

Watching that just made my mascara run. ZeFrank just became my morning affirmation.

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