Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eye Candy Breakfast: Random Cute!

Random cute from my Pinterest "CUTE" board:

Bears are so comical.

Below, this is totally a stick-up! What do you suppose their demands are?

Above, the friendliest face in the world;
below, the tiniest teddy bear :-)

Magical colorful room!

Have a "cute" weekend!



Bugarska Leto said...

The forth from above deserves <3 but the smallest teddy takes the win!

Q said...

If you haven't seen Hank Green's video about cute, go watch it now.

Also, I saw this and thought of you.


I want that room! Wonder if I could do something to bribe my husband into turning our bedroom into something phenomenal like that! I love that first picture too. It looks like one of my dog's nose's. And the bears- that is a total stick-up. I bet they're demanding the honey pot!


Kate said...

Love these pictures! So creative, fun, sweet and cute! Brightened my day! :)

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Stew said...

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