Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Something Good & Adorable, part I (also: total eye candy breakfast)

If you're feeling a holiday itch to do some good, I have a couple of ideas for you, both of which happen to involve adorableness, bonus! Here's the first one, and it's from Swedish illustrator Camilla Engman. I've been vaguely familiar with her work but hadn't seen her blog until recently and I love it. I love it all--she is one of those people that turns absolutely everything into art, you know those people? Like, a lemon in a coffee cup becomes a little creature with a face, like that? But specifically, right now, I'm in love with the Morran Book Project. 

Morran was Camilla's little dog and the star of her blog, so sadly recently passed away, but this book as far as I can tell was well underway before then, just out of the cult following that Morran had developed over the years. What the book is is a collection of portraits of Morran from artists all over the world, and they are so varied and awesome. I can't stop looking through the flip-through.

Look (all images from Camilla Engman's blog):

And so much more ...

I must have one. And it's so nice that all proceeds go to the WSPA -- the World Society for the Protection of Animals. If there is a dog-lover or an illustration lover in your life, this would make a great gift! I couldn't help thinking it made a great resource for art directors too, looking for illustrators for projects. So many wonderful unique styles!


(Next, another--bigger--idea for do-gooding with adorable repercussions!)

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Jessica said...

All that looks so cute! But, I just read the giveaway post. When did silksinger go out of print!? And how did I not know!

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