Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eye Candy ... Late Night Snack?

So, a major drawback to drooling over European design blogs? You often can't GET THE STUFF! This is the one that kills me especially: Rice in Denmark. I think I might explode every time I see their online catalogs, and the new one has just hit, so here I go: *EXPLOSION SOUND EFFECT!* As far as I have been able to figure, they are only available in the US through a scant few stores, none of which are anywhere near me, and cannot be ordered online! 

*wails* *flails*

Want to see the reason for my wailing and flailing? For the full effect, view the entire catalog here

And here, some highlights. First of all, it is unseemly, how much I want these toy bins:

Yeah. Uh huh. Are you beginning to see?

And ... hello ridiculously adorable bedding, rugs, and ostrich lamps.

Look at the dotty poufs!

And tableware. Sigh. What a pretty table.


Those fork and knife place mats!

Just one last thing. A toy rhinoceros pin cushion. That's just silly.

In the best possible way.

Agh. My wantingness and not-being-able-to-havingness is making me all tense and surly. You lucky Danes, I hope you appreciate what you have :-)

If anybody knows how I can order Rice products in the US, tellllllll meeeeeeeee!


Catherine Denton said...

I'd never heard of them before but wow, you're right--gorgeous!
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nikkebirde said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Those ostrich lamps are so flipping cute!!! So cute!

--jenna said...
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--jenna said...

I don't sew, and I loved the pincushions. According to the website, and a post from squarepegsymposium.blogspot.com, www.huset-shop.com sells Rice products. The proprietor is supposed to be really helpful...but another option is to call the brick and mortar stores. Often, stores are happy to work with mail order customers if you're willing to pay shipping and handling. It is a bit more hassle, but with the downturn in the economy, I can't see a manager turning down a customer who's gone out of their way to buy something from them!

It's pretty frustrating that companies with a good online presence don't also make their products available to the potentially huge market that lives outside their country of origin...oh well. What can you do?

tone almhjell said...

...oooor... you could just just ask me! Magnus has two toy chests just like that. What do you want?

Rhiannon said...

ummm now you've passed on the wantingness to me and I'll NEVER get any of it too Canada! yesh!

Unknown said...

wailing! flailing!

such wonderful bright happiness!

Johari said...

The gnomish measuring tape...I want!



Anonymous said...

I NEED the chicken pitcher, the spoons, and that candleabra. Remember Fatty that I have lots of cousins we could stay with right in Copenhagen! One of them just visited my brother with his new girlfriend (the same one my dad drove to the hostel that time) and he was saying we have a family tradition dating back to my mom staying with them all the way back in the 1950s so lets go! We'll bring empty suitcases except for an extra pair of knickers and koolots. I'm ready. Lets go....

Elizabeth Ingrid said...

Be still my cheesy heart! I would love that pink (dare I say Pantone 231 C?) ostrich lamp, not only for the uniquely chic design, but also for the pure unadulterated satisfaction of pretending I’m forever in the Swiss Family Robinson animal race. In my living room.

Poor whiny Ernst. He got stuck with the ostrich.

nikkebirde said...

OH MY GOODNESS! OH MY GOODNESS! I found a site with ALL this stuff on it and it says there is international shipping!! It's all priced in euros but worth a try!!


You are welcome!! :-)

Holly Black said...

I was drooling over that catalog too and in despair. At least misery has company!

Karen D said...

If you follow this link from their website for shop locators there are some shops that carry their product in Hawaii and California, maybe you can order through them.

There stuff looks amazing,
good luck and let me know how it works out.


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